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Welcome to the Black Cultural Center! Heading link


The start of the 2023-2024 academic year has brought a major change to the UIC African
American Cultural Center (AACC) as it officially changed its name to the UIC Black Cultural
Center (BCC). The change embraces the more expansive, inclusive and global term of “Black,” a
term that more accurately reflects the experiences of our campus community.

Our name change journey began back in 2021 during the 30th anniversary of the former AACC.
That milestone prompted discussions about how the center–with its mission to gather, learn,
share and explore the diverse histories and traditions of people of African descent from around
the world–could better represent our diverse student population.
“This shift reflects a truly diasporic vision for the center, one that has existed in fact, but that will
now be announced in our name as well,” said Cynthia Blair, PhD, director of the BCC and
Associate Professor in Black Studies and in History.

To determine if the idea of a “Black” cultural center resonated with the campus, the center
solicited survey feedback from students, staff and faculty. The support for the name change was
overwhelming and highlighted the urgency regarding inclusivity and community along with a
broad recognition of how the BCC must occupy space on campus.
“Our name change is more than a semantic shift, but one that embraces our community’s
diasporic histories, experiences and cultures,” Dr. Blair asserted.

In addition to this significant name change, the center space has undergone substantial
remodeling over the past year. This transformation seeks to launch a new era at the BCC. Join us
as we celebrate a revitalized Black Cultural Center at UIC.